Through the themes of 2020 SUMMER 'Look on Me' and 2020 WINTER 'The Thinking Woman', it expresses a woman who looks into herself and thinks about her own aesthetic value. 'Inside Out' is presented in 21 S/S COLLECTION as a chapter of the campaign connected with this.
The invisible inner side of man goes beyond simple expression and affects not only himself, but also human relationships and way of life. Also, it has many forms and is connected in many ways. Sometimes, longing for a person who completes and expresses the aesthetic value of inner and outer appearance, this can be the process of seeing oneself. The inner side is revealed through facial expressions, movements, and words, and the expressed inner side expands the outer area, and the traces of space and time dwell in the expanded outer area, increasing the aesthetic and philosophical meaning as well as the inner depth.
Our brand is constantly expressing and shaping themes through visual images. The 21 S/S collection started with a longing for Asian women, and tried to express the theme through reinterpreting the shape of clothes and harmonizing the natural color and the unique texture of the fabric.
We hope that the theme and meaning of this 21 S/S collection will serve as an opportunity to further 'inside out' ourselves, just like the brand's value, 'focus on the quiet inside beyond clothes'.

Through the themes of 2020 SUMMER 'Look on Me' and 2020 WINTER 'the Thinking Women', we looked in ourselves and expressed women who think of their own aesthetic values. As an extended chapter of this campaign, we present 21 S/S Collection, 'Inside Out'.
The hidden inside of a human not only affects the way of expression but also the way of establishing a relationship and a lifestyle. Also, it is connected to diverse areas and takes different forms. Sometimes, it can be a process of understanding yourself to aspire someone who completes defining their own inner and outer beauty and expresses it without hesitation.
Our mind will come out of action, face, etc., and this expressed mind will extend your outer boundaries. The traces of visual space will encounter your boundaries, and it will grow your aesthetic, philosophical standards and ultimately mature the soul inside.
Our brand continuously expresses and embodies the message with visual images. 21 S/S Collection started from the aspiration for Asian women, and we tried to deliver the message by reinterpreting the shape of clothing and blending natural colors with unique fabric textures.
As our brand pursues the value of 'Focus on Tranquil Inside Beyond Clothing', we hope you have a chance to 'inside out' through the message and meaning of our 21 S/S Collection.